Pinnacle Charitable Foundation

Pinnacle is a strong believer in the importance of actively contributing to the broader community and to investing in the interests of key stakeholders including employees and client groups. In addition to partnering with affiliates to further their commitment to ESG principles, Pinnacle engages with them in supporting the community through the Pinnacle Charitable Foundation (Foundation).

Established by Pinnacle’s antecedent companies in 1987, including Wilson HTM, Wilson & Co and the Wilson family, the Foundation has donated more than $3 million to over 60 Australian charities. Jointly funded partnerships which address causes of importance to fund managers’ business strategies, employees and client interests aim to establish relationships with innovative and progressive charitable organisations. Partnerships offer these entities support for expanding their services, exploring program and product development and making an impact in new communities.

Donations which support capacity building projects help the long-term sustainability and the ability of these charities to generate change through addressing often complex social issues. The Foundation provides annual funding of between $20,000 and $50,000 for specific projects and programs which are approved via a formal application and assessment process. The goal is to build multi year engagements which foster strong and close relationships.

Pinnacle directly contributes to the Foundation’s corpus and has active representation on the Board, which maintains a majority of independent Directors including the Chair. Pinnacle also provides a range of pro bono services to the Foundation, including investment management and reporting. In addition to actively seeking and jointly funding charity partnerships, affiliated fund managers rebate fees for the Foundation’s investments to demonstrate their commitment to its longer term sustainability.

Pinnacle Charitable Foundation is a Public Ancillary Fund (PuAF) and is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient covered by Item 2 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997. Donations of $2.00 or more to the Foundation are tax deductible.

The following projects are currently being supported by the Foundation and several of Pinnacle’s affiliated fund managers through donations of $30,000 or more:

Children's Medical Research Institute (CMRI): aligned with Plato Investment Management and Resolution Capital Limited

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Based at Westmead in Sydney, CMRI undertakes world-leading research to improve children’s health. As Australia’s first medical research facility dedicated to children, CMRI has been helping to save the lives of children for over 58 years. The award winning, independent institute has built an international reputation for high impact research dedicated to tackling the leading causes of death in children: cancer, congenital disorders (birth defects), and genetic diseases. Following input from employees across Plato and Resolution Capital, the Foundation has joined them to partner with CMRI in support of its Vector and Genome Engineering Facility (VGEF). This facility is at the cutting edge of translational research aimed at curing paediatric genetic disorders – not only in Australia, but on the world stage. By purchasing a sophisticated automated cell counter with the combined donations, the VGEF will be able to develop more accurate and reproducible results of cell numbers and size distribution across any sample. This equipment will contribute to a larger scale upgrade of VGEF capabilities, facilitating more vector and genome engineering projects relating to a variety of human diseases being delivered - at an even higher level of quality.

ReachOut Australia: aligned with Pinnacle & Antipodes Partners

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Employee feedback from Pinnacle clearly indicates that the area of youth mental health prevention and treatment is highly important to them. As Antipodes has an established link with ReachOut - through Antipodes' contribution as a fund manager to Future Generation Global Investment Company (FGG) - the Foundation is now supporting Reach.Out together with Antipodes. ReachOut is Australia’s leading online mental health organisation for young people. The organisation provides innovative e-mental health services which enable young people to take control of their mental well being, thereby assisting them to identify early signs of illness. ReachOut aims to change the health landscape across Australia by delivering digital self help as an integral part of preventing mental illness, in a way that makes sense to young people. One of the most pressing issues for ReachOut right now is transforming long form, written articles into interactive, digitised content. This will better meet the changing needs of their young, tech savvy audience, who now expect a personalised web experience which delivers information through media including text, audio, video, and interactive tools. In just four years the use of smart phones by teens has jumped from under 25% to 80%. Funds provided will enable ReachOut to renew content development including review, development, video production and animation.

batyr Australia: aligned with Palisade Investment Partners

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batyr, meaning hero, is named after the famous talking elephant in Kazakhstan, and “exists to give a voice to the elephant in the room – mental health”. Employees across Palisade have a strong belief in addressing issues around youth mental health - especially in regional locations - and in fostering education as a pathway to future prosperity. batyr is an ideal partner as the organisation draws on young facilitators with “lived experience” of mental health challenges to deliver peer to peer messages in schools and universities around resilience, hope and action within communities. Programs aim to engage, educate and empower participants. The Foundation and Palisade are together supporting batyr to expand into the Central West region of NSW – in response to widespread community interest. Funding will enable batyr to expand their schools based programs to another 3,000 - 3,500 young people, helping reduce the stigma around youth mental health and encourage help seeking behaviour.

Full Stop Foundation: aligned to a key need identified by representatives from the superannuation funds industry

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Domestic violence and sexual assault are by any measure the most common crimes committed in Australia, with enormous personal, social and productivity costs associated in every instance. Following feedback from superannuation funds - reflecting the interests of a major Pinnacle industry client group - the Foundation is establishing a partnership with the NSW based Full Stop Foundation. The Full Stop Foundation is about stopping sexual assault and domestic violence – Full Stop. Funding is enabling Full Stop to employ an individual with legal training and insight on a part-time basis, to assist with the increasing number of requests from women seeking to access the justice system and fight for their rights, families, dignity and financial independence. Legal advice can help identify a miscarriage of justice, guide women about the legal process / steps / limitations, and explain why cases are viewed differently across different jurisdictions.

Many Rivers Microfinance: aligned to the interests of Wilsons Advisory

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Many Rivers provides small business support services to foster business ownership and community economic development to Australians living in disadvantaged contexts, with a special focus on Indigenous Australians in regional and remote communities. A partnership with Many Rivers has been established by the Foundation in response to the two causes nominated by Wilsons' employees as most important to them; financial literacy and Indigenous community development. Since commencing operations in 2007, Many Rivers has supported more than 1,500 business owners (over half Indigenous and almost 50% female) to establish close to 1,300 businesses. This has provided pathways to employment, financial security, personal and family stability and improved community capacity. Funding from the Foundation is being directed to the Many Rivers CED (Community Economic Development) pilot program. The Foundation is the first private investor in this initiative, which supports broad economic development at a community level by strengthening governance / financial literacy / operational systems and processes / employment opportunities and new enterprises.

HeartKids Australia: completion of multi year partnership to develop a Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) Registry

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The Foundation's most recent three year project with HeartKids Australia formally ended on June 30, 2017. This has been highly successful in helping HeartKids to explore, pilot and ultimately launch (in early 2018) a comprehensive Registry to track both child and adult congenital heart disease (CHD) in Australia and New Zealand. The aims of the Registry, which has brought together all ten major cardiac surgical units across the country together with key New Zealand practitioners, are to facilitate better diagnosis / treatment / outcomes for those living with CHD and their families. The partnership with HeartKids has created sustainable impact and measured research outcomes for the CHD community, with the ability to attract additional support made possible through the Foundation's early investment. Funding has been secured to ensure the Registry and HeartKids' wider research programs can be sustained and grow into the future.